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"Houses are going to lose so much value that millennials might actually be able to get their foot on the ladder in Brexit Britain." Caroline Lucas - the Green Party's co-leader and its only MP is a former member of the European Parliament. "Aside from seeing the UKIP MEPs lose their EU salaries, there really isn't much to celebrate about Brexit. If I had to pick one potential benefit it would be the chance to upgrade our farming policy to focus more on environmental protection, rather than the support for large scale agribusiness that has been central to advantages and disadvantages of online shopping the Common Agricultural Policy. "British governments' record on the issue doesn't exactly inspire confidence - but I live in hope that we can reconfigure the subsidy system to support small scale and organic farmers more than before." Chris Leslie - the Labour MP and former shadow chancellor is a leading member of Open Britain, the cross-party group campaigning for a "soft Brexit". "If there is a silver lining, I'd say that Brexit has brought together politicians from across the traditional party political divide who weren't working together previously - but are now. "There is a growing alliance between moderate politicians from all parties who are finding new common ground, defending values of pro-European free trade and internationalism, something that wasn't so evident before Brexit. "In terms of the wider public debate, Brexit has also provoked a cheapest online shopping sites wider awareness of international trade and global economics which many people weren't familiar with until recently." Gisela Stuart - introduction of online shopping As co-chair of the Vote Leave campaign, the Labour MP toured the UK with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. She converted to the Eurosceptic cause after helping to draft an EU constitution in Brussels. "I shall miss the European Council meetings - seeing all the European politicians sitting around a table trying to thrash things out and seek common solutions.