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Image caption The Daily Mail says social media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter were shamed for failing to tackle online hate crime, terrorism and child abuse, when their executives appeared before a committee of MPs. Image caption The Metro reports on the ruling of Europe's top court, the European Court of Justice, that bans on the wearing of religious symbols such as headscarves, crosses and turbans in the workplace are allowed. But it must be applied without prejudice to symbols of every faith, the judges decided. Image caption The Financial Times leads on the resignation of Charlotte Hogg from the Bank of England. She was set to become a deputy governor but it emerged that she failed to disclose that her brother was a senior executive at Barclays. The FT says it dealt a blow to governor Mark Carney's effort to strengthen gender equality at the top of the Bank. Image caption The Sun again has Prince William in its sights, saying that he has performed just 13 royal duties so far this year compared with 24 by the 90-year-old Queen. On Tuesday, the paper criticised the prince for going on a skiing holiday instead of attending a Commonwealth Day church service. Image caption The Daily Mirror reports on the questioning of a Conservative MP over his election expenses.

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